Arts & Crafts fire dragon bellows copper repoussé c.1905.

Arts & Crafts fire dragon bellows copper repoussé c.1905.

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W: 14cm (5.5")H: 39cm (15.4")D: 7cm (2.8")


For sale are a beautiful set of Arts & Crafts Fire Bellows, rare with good quality copper repoussé work of two mythical stylised dragons.

- Two mythical stylised Dragons sitting back to back, with a fine quality of art metalwork involved. Double the dragon supercharging for any fire!
- The fire bellows have brown leather work to the bellows themselves, which looks to have been replaced at some stage in their antique lifespan. The leatherwork is held in place by dome-headed tacks which are very evocative of the arts and crafts period.
- The fire bellows have a turned and attractive brass nozzle.
- The bellows have a leather loop to retain the bellows in the closed position. The construction of the bellows frame is wood as shown on the reverse photographs.

#wandw_antiques have great admiration for the fine quality of the art metalwork craftsmanship on these Arts & Crafts movement copper repoussé decorated fire bellows. A fine way indeed to supercharge any reluctant fire! They look to be of the design and quality of construction from the English, Lakes region familiar with the Keswick Arts & Crafts movement/schools. Either from a craftsperson familiar with the designs of KSIA / KHI in the period or similar from designs and metal craftsmanship akin to that of WH Mawson. Their is no KIAS mark, a lovely antique item.