Swedish 'Folk Art' small sliding lock lid wooden bowl c.1910.

Swedish 'Folk Art' small sliding lock lid wooden bowl c.1910.

Code: 10246


Di: 10.5cm (4.1")


For sale is a charming small survivor in the form of a round Swedish 'folk art' wooden bowl in with a locking lid from circa 1900-1920.The first photograph shows its repairs made to prolong the life as a useful object.

- The small wooden bowl is an attractive and decorative round shape like a mini curling stone with solid curved edges and an attractive patina.
- It has an angular stub, worn handle for the twist lock lid.
- The bowl has considerable wear and patina around the bowl in prominent places that are handled and tactile and on the base as shown. - - Its charm is also that it has been repaired from the damage that can effect these twist lock lid bowls, particularly when they are smaller and more delicate such as this one.
- This one has been repaired by two brass pins looped over an area of weakness near where its slide lock lid is engaged.
- These lidded storage bowls were for food, butter, tobacco or in the smaller ones snuff or trinkets like this one.. These beautiful rural bowls often have locking lids. The locking mechanism is a simple pair of large and small tabs carved to the lid that slot under the track to the lip of the bowl and it rotates to lock/un-lock. Often as the wood has dried out over the decades and if someone forces it then they sometimes develop cracks close to the point that the lock in the lid engages, this one has had this and then in a make do and mend era has been repaired lovingly.

A lovely decorative bowl in an attractive light patina with loving repairs, testament to the original construction and inherent useful nature of these treen items.

*the images with an accompanying large wooden bowl are for scale and context, the other large bowl is also for sale from W&W Antiques. Contact us for combined shipping on a number of items.