Scandinavian / Swedish folk art marriage/dowry box 1827, Jämtland.

Scandinavian / Swedish folk art marriage/dowry box 1827, Jämtland.

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H: 16cm (6.3")L: 32cm (12.6")Di: 32cm (12.6")


For sale is a beautiful folk art decorated bridal box or dowry/marriage chest from central Sweden on the Norwegian border.

- Dated 1827, from the Jämtland region of central Sweden, with the initials of the couple PJS-THD and heart shaped key.
- The attractive folk painted dowry box has a hinged lid with lovely original hand forged fittings including ironwork strap hinges and lock with original decorative key and working pressure release lock mechanism.
- The box is of pine construction with red/orange decorative paint in warm colours with floral motifs and naturalistic patterns faded by age. Rosmålning is a style of Scandinavian decorative painting on wood that uses stylised flower ornamentation, predominantly primary and secondary colors, scrollwork, lining and geometric elements, often in flowing patterns.
- The box widens from the base to the lid and has some carefully thought out construction using dovetail joints and wooden pegs to secure the sections.
- The painted decoration is predominantly floral in nature on the external sides and lid with patinated wear from 193 years of ownership and use.

A dowry chest/bridal box, such as this Swedish one, is a piece of furniture traditionally used to collect items such as clothing and household linen, by unmarried young women, in anticipation of married life. This box or chest in 1827, was therefore intended to help set-up the couple at the start of their marriage and to use as a special place, or safe, with a key, for keeping their family pieces of value.

The dowry is described as a transfer of parental property to the daughter (and of course their husband) on the occasion of her marriage. Each bride had her dowry and it was part of the ceremony of union. As such it would include a collection of items that the extended family would bring together, often over many years, in order to both enhance her potential as an attractive bride and also to provide her with some means of independent financial security for the unknown years ahead. The dowry came along with the bride on the day of her marriage ceremony and could consist of items deemed of value in that community including money, coins, jewellery, textiles, furniture and on some occasions land.

This painted Swedish dowry box has the initials of the couple on the inside of the lid along with a date between the hinges and painted decoration to the edges. The painted decoration is often local in style and is intended to represent prosperity health and ultimately good luck for the journey together. These painted dowry boxes were common across Scandinavia and throughout Europe.

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