Swedish Birch/Masurbjörk Box Mirror Rococo style c.1820.

Swedish Birch/Masurbjörk Box Mirror Rococo style c.1820.

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W: 51cm (20.1")H: 57.5cm (22.6")D: 22cm (8.7")

£485.00 Approx $613.92, €565.93, £485

For sale is a beautiful Swedish Rococo-esque style box mirror circa 1810-1830.

- With distinctive, naturalistic S-curved supports and pediment it is a highly decorative design.
- Quality construction in light and bright silver birch / Masurbjörk (curly birch is a variant of the plant species silver birch with a genetic defect that causes the tree to twist on the stem with curls).
- The swing box mirror has two lined draws below with a serpentine front and 4 small button handles, one has been replaced at some point in its life.
- The mirror is in good condition with only minor age-related wear.
- The mirror has decorative brass butterfly hinge wing nuts and is in good condition throughout considering its is circa 200 years of age.
- The photographs of the back show the good condition of the undisturbed casing.

A beautiful light, naturalistic design-led box mirror in good condition ready to be used.