19th Century Irish country / vernacular hedge chair from Co. Antrim

19th Century Irish country / vernacular hedge chair from Co. Antrim

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W: 51cm (20.1")H: 78cm (30.7")D: 34cm (13.4")

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For sale is a very charismatic Irish Hedge chair from County Antrim, Northern Ireland likely from the second half of the 19th Century or early 20th Century.

- This Northern Irish hedge chair* is one with a characteristic composite seat construction.
- The backrest/rail is curved with the 5 spindles through tenoned and wedged above.
- Predominantly made of Ash with a thin pine board seat and decorative and attractive splatter / remnant paint.
- The seat being comprised of four thick pieces of wood, joined by mortise and tenon wedged joints and a thin pine plank seat board 
- The turned ash legs and spindles are all through wedged into the thickest part of the seat and splayed
- This little hedge chair has been of value to owner(s) and lived a life of considerable utility.
- The chair has had historic woodworm, evidence of a number of paint splatter colours as shown in the images.  Painting is especially common on Irish vernacular country-made furniture and houses for protection and longevity and this chair has seen a life of utility. 
- It is identified** that similar to the more primitive Scottish crofter made chairs from Sutherland/Caithness and the west coast (The Northern Tradition of Scottish crofter made chairs***) the Northern Irish chairs of County Antrim and County Derry also overcame a lack of readily available large-dimension timber, capitalising on what was available in terms of material and their economic use to construct a functional and utilitarian vernacular chair.  It is also recognised that maritime links between the north of Scotland and the port of Derry may have influenced similarities in design

A beautiful country-made vernacular Irish hedge chair from the 19th Century

*Ulster Folk Museum contains similar examples
** Kinmonth, C. (2020) Irish Country Furniture and furnishings 1700-2000. Cork University Press.
***Ross Noble, R. (1987) The chairs of Sutherland and Caithness: A Northern Tradition in Highland chair-making.  The Regional Furniture Society, Vol 1.

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