Norwegian folk art decorated birch lidded tine box late 19th Century

Norwegian folk art decorated birch lidded tine box late 19th Century

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W: 22cm (8.7")H: 15cm (5.9")D: 12cm (4.7")


For sale is a beautiful and tactile Norwegian / Scandinavian storage container / box made from bentwood in the traditional design. These are common across Scandinavia, this one with elongated uprights being more indicative of Norwegian origin.

- These rustic and practical, light, wooden containers with handles were used for a range of purposes including predominantly dry food storage and transportation. The 19th century equivalent of a large plastic storage box, but considerably more attractive. The bentwood construction achieved with heat and moisture to bend the wood around an oval to the correct size and then secured in place with rush/root material chain stitched through the overlap. They are also referred to in Sweden as 'sweeping' boxes due to the curved nature and the sweep ends overlapping and being joined together.
- Constructed with bent wood around the outer edge secured in place with a fitted lid they are very light and practical.
- The lid and flexing wood locking mechanism is a clever way for the lid to remain secured.  Each has a carry handle to the centre.
- The folk art decoration throughout is achieved with branded or burnt decoration including geometric designs, motifs and hearts
- The oval shaped wooden lid slots neatly into the end stays and with a carry handle, a rustic object with wear and use marks as appropriate to over 120+ years of age, yet it remains a functional and decorative storage item.

A very clever bentwood design utilised across Scandinavia, light and pleasingly simple design, as a folk art / decorative/rustic storage item.