Swedish Art Deco Double Candle Sconces by Mjolby Intarsia c.1930s

Swedish Art Deco Double Candle Sconces by Mjolby Intarsia c.1930s

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W: 25cm (9.8")H: 28cm (11")

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For sale are a beautiful, elegant Swedish Art Deco pair of boldly designed double candle sconces from circa 1930-40.

These candle sconces are attributed to the Swedish design firm Mjolby Intarsia. The company originally called Mjolby Decouperfabrik was established in Sweden in 1909, the name evolving to Mjolby Intarsia in 1917.  

The business adapted during the inter-war period.  In this period the company reached its greatest heights employing in-house architects, designers and craftsmen as a skilled workforce delivering high quality inlaid 'intarsia' pieces to all of Scandinavia. This included lighting fixtures, sconces, clocks, bar cabinets and trays featuring southern European characters, figures from mythology, and religious scenes.  The quality was consistently high. 

The choice of motifs for the inlays was characterized by ancient mythology, Christian pictorial tradition and genres of a southern/mediterranean character.  The firm also provided work for Nordiska Kompeniet in Stockholm and were commissioned for works in theaters, public buildings and luxury ocean liners. 

Intarsia is a form of wood inlaying that is close to marquetry. The technique of intarsia inlays sections of wood within the solid wood matrix of floors and walls or of table tops and other furniture; by contrast marquetry assembles a pattern out of veneers glued upon the carcass. The word intarsia may come from the Latin word interserere (to insert).

In summary a highly decorative:

- Pair of Mjolby Intarsia double candle sconces
- Double candle holders attached to curved gold metal reflectors on either side of the decorative panel
- Central panel with curved central section, depicting in intarsia inlaid decoration two women (one to each panel) in Classical Greek / Roman / Bacchanalian / Mythological  form 
- One female figure to each panel, one with dark hair (looking right) depicted toasting with a goblet to a heavenly shooting star
- One female figure with blond hair (looking left) holding a flaming torch stood aside a large flower

Ready to provide Swedish Art Deco elegance as candle lamp lights.

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