Swedish 'Folk Art' large geometric pattern woven coverlet c.1860

Swedish 'Folk Art' large geometric pattern woven coverlet c.1860

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W: 110cm (43.3")L: 210cm (82.7")

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For sale is a beautiful large antique woven Swedish coverlet / overshot / bedspread in original condition from circa 1840-1880.

- The large woven coverlet likely from Southern Sweden (Halland, Skåne) has a beautiful bold geometric repeat pattern reminiscent of rug patterns and design similar to Welsh blankets or design motifs in kilim rugs from the middle east. This geometric star-like pattern textile is divided into coloured bands with the pattern repeated throughout.
- It is in a lovely, strong colourful design of dark blue, black, green, red, orange, pink and white. 
- Dimensions are 210cm x 110cm.
- The condition and colour considering the age is good with only age-related wear.  Constructed with a centre seam, made by sewing two pieces together.  
- The edge of the textile/cushion has a continuous short fabric fringe to prevent wear to the edge, common to these coverlets in a traditional folk Swedish style.  Woven coverlet/blankets like these are also present and similar in style in the US from states like Pennsylvania in the 19th Century with a prevalence of European immigration.
- The loom woven material is wool on a cotton/linen backing.
- Southern Sweden has a strong folk tradition of woven textiles influenced both from migrant Flemish weavers from the low countries and Persian Kilim style rugs from the middle-east.

This is a lovely, characterful antique Scandinavian textile from the mid 19th Century and at 150+ years of age in good condition ready for further decorative service.

*The red four legged stool and the table coverlet in red/light blue are shown for scale and context and are also available from W&W Antiques, but not included in this listing.

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