18th Century Georgian Scottish Curling Stone Single Iron Loop Handle

18th Century Georgian Scottish Curling Stone Single Iron Loop Handle

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W: 18cm (7.1")H: 23cm (9.1")

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For sale is a beautiful tall single Scottish curling stone from c.1725-1800, these shape of stones were from the 18th century.

- The 250+ year old stone has a beautifully tactile blacksmith handmade, iron loop handle, seated very securely into the stone top
- This stone is a lovely tall, narrow example from an era when stone shapes and sizes varied tremendously (and were named accordingly!) with stonemason hand chipped stonework with a rough finish and a smooth worn base in great solid condition.  
- These taller stones from the early 18th Century are closer to their rough channel stane forebears in the development history of curling stones in Scotland.  The development of stones started
 with ones which were originally taken straight from the river channel and in direct contrast with the modern wider, squat, polished Victorian era stones of polished Ailsa Craig granite. 
- Heavy at  circa 12kgs or 26lbs a typical tall shape from the early period of curling development in Scotland.

A beautifully tactile, charming, useful Georgian period stone at over 250 years of age ready for further decorative utility, or as a door-stop or dumbbell.

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