Scottish Arts & Crafts Movement Brass Ship Wall Sconce c.1890-1900

Scottish Arts & Crafts Movement Brass Ship Wall Sconce c.1890-1900

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W: 18cm (7.1")H: 32.5cm (12.8")D: 10cm (3.9")

£395.00 Approx $500, €460.91, £395

For sales is a beautiful Scottish Arts & Crafts Movement brass wall sconce from the late 19th Century into the early 20th Century.

- The tall brass sconce has a ship in full sail at sea inset inside a circular brass reflector / frieze.  The ship design is in great quality repousse work across the circular design frieze.
- The sconce base has a candle holder and an up-turned edge / lip surround.
- This can be used decoratively either on the wall or as a table sconce and has a loop to the rear of the reflector for hanging on the wall.
- Scottish in origin from the late 19th Century, it is made from good quality brass throughout.
- The ship at sail being a motif which is a central design within the Arts & Crafts Movement from designers, guilds and schools across Britain from Newlyn, Liberty to Glasgow and Iona and the continent.
- The ship at sail is represented as galleons, yachts and Scandinavian Viking ships and are often represented in artmetalware, ceramics, textiles and carving throughout the Arts & Crafts Movement.

A beautiful and distinctive Scottish Arts & Crafts brass sconce ready for further decorative utility.