Swedish 'Folk Art' rosmålning painted sliding-lid box timplåda 1858

Swedish 'Folk Art' rosmålning painted sliding-lid box timplåda 1858

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W: 27cm (10.6")D: 16cm (6.3")L: 44cm (17.3")

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For sale is a beautiful painted, wooden, sliding-lid box or 'Timplåda' with decoration of inspired kurbits from the early to mid 19th Century.

- This painted wooden box from 1858 has a beautiful folk decorated sliding lid with polychrome floral decoration.

- These boxes were used as storage with sliding lid “timplåda”, meaning drawer/box (låda) used for bits and pieces or for storing candles.

- The attractive antique box is rectangular with a sliding lid of softwood likely pine. The bottom surface is attached from below with wooden dowels to secure the baseboard. The sides joined by slotting together with dove-tail cuts in profile.

- The lid itself is bevelled with the raised surface framing the decorative kurbits painting with age-related wear.

- The box edge is bevelled, within which a groove is cut out to house the sliding lid, which has a small cut-out handle.

- Exterior paint to the surrounds in a lovely faded warm earthy orange/red marbled background with a blue-grey/green decoration. The sliding lid is framed with a repeat pattern border. The edges to the box show the warm earthy red marbling effect that is intended to look like more expensive wood.

- The central panel being decorated with bold floral ornamentation. The decorative pattern on the lid has stylised folk flowers painted in blue, black and green against the frieze all framed in warm red/orange.

The attractive folk art painted box is in great condition given its utility and service from over 160 years of age. A lovely and charismatic antique item of Swedish rural folk art.